Quick and easy food covers.

Quick and Easy Food Covers

Its this time of year that you want some easy little gifts to fill those stockings…These food covers are super fast and very effective.

You will need:

This amazing pattern!! Quick and easy food covers

– Or you  can draw up your own circles.  (diameter 45cm, 37cm, 30cm, 20cm) (17 1/2″, 14 1/2″, 11 3/4″, 8″)

*100% cotton (65cm by 112cm) (26″ by 44″)

*bias binding (roughly 4.5 meters/5yards)

*6mm/1/4″ elastic (2meters/2.2 yards)

1. Cut out your circles.

2.With wrong side of the circle facing up place the right side of the bias binding face down and fold the end toward the wrong side 1c, (3/8″)

Sew all around the circle using a 1cm (3/8″) seam allowance.

3.When you reach the end cut off the bias binding with a bit to spare and fold this extra toward the wrong side and stitch so the folds touch.  Snip thread.

4. Turn the  circle over and flip out the front piece of the bias binding.

5. Fold the bias binding over the raw edge so that the previous line of stitching is covered.  Sew around the whole circle.

6. Thread your elastic around your bias binding casing.

Overlap your elastic and stitch the ends.  then thread it back into the casing and spread the elastic around evenly.

Voilà, they are now all finished.

I would love to see your covers, so please post a photo to my facebook group.

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