2 new releases today

The Azure tee and dress

The perfect pattern for all year round.  You can sew a winter dress, or a summer tee.  Add a band or a hood for a different look.

On sale until monday 4th June 11:59pm with the code AZURE2018


The Puzzle Pullover

A new and exciting pullover is now available for your little one.
This is a raglan style sweatshirt with a unique puzzling front.  Choose from 2 options of puzzle – and get them to help you arrange the fabrics.
This is also on sale using the code PUZZLING for 20% off until monday 4th June 11:59pm


Thank you to all my wonderful testers for both these patterns.   I wouldn’t have been able to bring such awesome patterns to you without them.

FREE dribble bib pattern

tri-ibble bibYears ago when I was brave enough (or stupid enough) to enter the world of selling ready made items and attend craft markets, I used to make dribble bibs.  I worked hard to get my bibs fitting well with no gape at the neck which I find lots of dribble bibs do.

My solution was to add a little bit of elastic to the neckline to pull it in.  And it worked.

Well time as gone by now and I no longer sell, but recently a friend asked for my dribble bib pattern and so I’ve digitalised it for all of you and you can download it for FREE.

There is no tutorial to go with this pattern, but it’s pretty simple.

1 ~ cut one main one lining

2 ~ with right sides together sew around the edge leaving a gap to turn out.

3 ~ Before turning out, sew the elastic to the area specified by the pattern piece.

4 ~ turn out and sew up the hole, you can either hand stitch it or top stitch all the way around (NOT WHERE THE ELASTIC IS THOUGH.

5 ~ Attach snaps, I have created the triangle shape for the snaps on one corner to enable the bib to fit from around 3m up to 4+

I would love to see some photos of your finished Tri-ibble bibs, please post them in my facebook group

5K giveaway winner

Congratulations to Sh As who is the winner of my 5K giveaway, what a lucky lady winning a pattern of her choice from each of the following designers.


I will pass your email on to the designers and they will contact you.

1 3 5 7 9 elliedactyl pickletoes striped swallow thread faction twig and tale sew by pattern pieces


Straight Skirt and Kit and Kaboodle Mash

Wow, the sucess of the straight skirt has blown my mind. I’m loving that you are all loving the free pattern.  Remember to keep posting photos of the ones that you have made up because I LOVE seeing what you all sew, and the gorgeous fabrics you use ( I secretly drool over these as in NZ it is very hard to get nice knits).

The person who sews the most skirts wins a pattern of their choice.who sews the most

Here are a few that have been shared in my group so far.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes, child and outdoorNo automatic alt text available.Image may contain: one or more people

Jenny McSweeney (extra length) /Karen Radford / Rebekah Geerlings (cute pabp hack)

But, back to what I was meant to be talking about before I got distracted… Adding shorties under the skirt for added modesty for those girls that well…aren’t so good at being modest! (namly mine!)

What you will need:

  1. Skirt pattern (free with a code in my group)
  2. Kit and Kaboodle pattern (also free with a code from my group)
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Tracing paper (or what ever you like to use)

1modify the k&k pattern

Trace out the shorties pattern in the size you need.  then measure 2.5cm (1″) below the yoga waist line and draw another line, cut along this one when cutting the shorties out.


Sew the shorties  as per the tutorial and when you are up to the waistband, slip them inside the skirt and match up the CB and CF and side seams.  Attach the waistband as per the skirt tutorial.



So as you see, pretty straight forward, I cant wait to see your K&K/straight skirt mashes!!!

Image may contain: text

And while you are here make sure you read the blog post on how you can win a pattern from each of the above designers.

and one more thing, last one I promise,  the below blogs are some awesome reviews and photos of the skirt.




Tales From A Southern Mom

Phat Quarters

Living in Twinado Alley



Woohoo by Davina

5K celebration and Freebie

straight skirt fb cover

 Wow, I’m so humbled that we have reached 5000 members in the chat and share group, did you know we’ve gained 2000 members in only 1 year, that is amazing.  It’s only onwards and upwards from now, I’m really excited as to what the next year brings.

For a while now I have had a few friends saying that I needed to design a little pencil/straight skirt for my collection and when I saw that the 5000 milestone was coming up I thought what a perfect time to do it.

It doesnt have a fancy name, but true to LKC fashion it has as many options as I could squish into a plain old, boring straight skirt.


These are the options

2 lengths ~ long (below knee) vs short (above knee)

2 pocket styles

2 waistband styles

2 hem styles

and here is the link 

Also the good news is, that if you join my group, you can get a CODE to purchase this delightful little skirt for FREE.

Also to help celebrate my 5k milestone these lovely, generous designers have donated a pattern each.  Make sure you enter the giveaway link below and show them some love by joining their groups.  One winner will take all!!! Ends 11.59pm 27 April 2017 (NZST)

5k giveaway image

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Burito Roll for the Tulip Trio

During recent testing of the Tulip Trio one of my amazing testers (Rebekah from RebekahSews) pointed out that we could do a burito type roll with the yokes.  The ones she made her girls were super gorgeous and so I decided to try it out aswell.  Well to my amazement it was actually quite easy, and makes for a superb finish on the inside, with no seams exposed (apart from the sleeves).

This technique can be applied to the front AND back yokes – you can do 1 or both, but if you do the back, you will need to cut an extra back yoke piece.

So lets get on with the HOW

If you are using this technique on the back yoke aswell, then you need to start right at #1

back yoke

Lay your pieces like the tutorial, but take the second back yoke and lay it RST with the other piece so the shoulder pieces are sandwiched between, still sew only along the shoulder seams.

Then follow the tutorial until you reach #4 ~ Adding the lower body.  Now follow the photos and instructions below.


First you pin and only pin the lower front piece to the MAIN (as in not the lining) FRONT YOKE, then flip the neck/back up so that the right side of the whole thing is facing up.


Now roll, as tight as you can the BACK/NECK piece, leaving the FRONT YOKE (both main and lining) facing up.20170331_211223

Now roll up the lower front until you are about 4cm from where the yoke joins to it.


Then pick up that little roll of lower front and place it on top of the roll of back/neck.  Now the clips where the lower piece is joined to the yoke is exposed again.  See that front yoke up above it all?  Fold that down so the edge lines up with the edge that is clipped.  and Clip all three layers together.


See like this!!


Now sew it along where the clips are and turn out the right way.


This is what you should have now….Repeat for the back yoke and lower back.

New release and hack

Well, I’ve been a bit slack with posting lately, I’ve had a few new releases that I’ve not blogged about, but anyway, I’m going to write about the new little shorts pattern I’ve just released last week.  they are a harem style and have a few different options like length, hem and pockets.

lengthFirst up is the length – they come in long length and a short length – the long length is perfect for a folded up cuff and the short length is perfect for play and easy to move around in.

pocketNext up is the pockets – there are two pocket options, a girly gathered pocket and a traditional pocket ( have no idea what it;s actually called)

cuff-or-hemFinally the hem options – you can add a cuff or hem by folding in toward the wrong side, both are super easy.

Now the HACK I was talking about – my wonderful tester Karen R made so many pairs and had a play around with a little side-tie hack…they were so cute that I got her to write up how to do it so that you can have a go yourself.

 Join my group and download the hack from the files tabkaren-r

These little shorts are so fast to sew up and make great Christmas presents.

And if you want to be in the draw to win this pattern, hop along to SEW by Pattern Pieces blog to have a read about some patterns that make great gifts and to enter her rafflecopter draw.

How to sew a plastic bag holder.

We have an engagement party tomorrow night and being tight on $$ I made the gift.  I decided on something useful, (I know, boring) but really, it is useful, I use mine all the time.

I made an oven mitt, using my pattern that you can purchase here, as well as a plastic bag holder.  I haven’t written up a pattern for this because I’ve been meaning to write up a tutorial on the blog for over a year now.

And here it is.


What you will need.

  • Main fabric – 1/2 meter or yard
  • Contrast fabric 1/4 meter or yard
  • Elastic 44cm (17 1/4″)
  • Webbing tape or string or  rope (scrap)


Cut your pieces

  • Main – Cut 2 (two) 50cm (19 5/8″) wide x 19cm (7 1/2″) high
  • Contrast – Cut 1 (one) 50cm (19 5/8″) wide x 27cm 10 5/8″) high
  • Elastic – Cut 2 (two) 22cm (8 5/8″)
  • Hanger – 15cm (6″) length of webbing or string or rope

1 ~ Take one of the MAIN pieces and match up the long raw edge  with one of the long raw edges of the CONTRAST.  Sew and finish seam. REPEAT for the other MAIN piece along the bottom of the CONTRAST piece.



Fold in half so that the longer edges meet up. SEW along the long edge. Finish edge.



HEM THE TOP AND BOTTOM EDGES ~ Fold the top edge toward the wrong side 1c, (3/8″) and then a further 2cm ( 3/4″) PIN AND STITCH and leave a gap so you can thread your elastic through.



THREAD YOUR ELASTIC through the casing and secure the two ends together, overlapping 2cm (3/4″) CLOSE UP THE GAP.



ADD A HANGER OF SOME SORT ~ I used a 15cm (6″) length of webbing.

And here is the set together, I think its quite lovely actually, and I think I feel the urge to make myself some more mitts as mine are wearing out and are very thin.

I do hope that if you make one for yourself that you will share a photo of it with me on my facebook group.7

KCW – May 2016 – Day 5


Day 5

Pattern: Bow Back Beauty

Size: 2

Fabric: cotton lycra


Today’s sew was a winter bow back beauty for Portia, I realised that she had grown out of her test one, and doesn’t have many long sleeve dresses.  actually this will bring it to two!

I also realized that my phone does not take very good moving photos and with a very active nearly 4 year old that is a must…time to get a good new camera I think.


I still love this back.
mlpdress1Portia was very pleased with her pony dress, and preceded to tell me all their names.