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2 new releases today

The Azure tee and dress

The perfect pattern for all year round.  You can sew a winter dress, or a summer tee.  Add a band or a hood for a different look.

On sale until monday 4th June 11:59pm with the code AZURE2018


The Puzzle Pullover

A new and exciting pullover is now available for your little one.
This is a raglan style sweatshirt with a unique puzzling front.  Choose from 2 options of puzzle – and get them to help you arrange the fabrics.
This is also on sale using the code PUZZLING for 20% off until monday 4th June 11:59pm


Thank you to all my wonderful testers for both these patterns.   I wouldn’t have been able to bring such awesome patterns to you without them.

Straight Skirt and Kit and Kaboodle Mash

Wow, the sucess of the straight skirt has blown my mind. I’m loving that you are all loving the free pattern.  Remember to keep posting photos of the ones that you have made up because I LOVE seeing what you all sew, and the gorgeous fabrics you use ( I secretly drool over these as in NZ it is very hard to get nice knits).

The person who sews the most skirts wins a pattern of their choice.who sews the most

Here are a few that have been shared in my group so far.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, standing, shoes, child and outdoorNo automatic alt text available.Image may contain: one or more people

Jenny McSweeney (extra length) /Karen Radford / Rebekah Geerlings (cute pabp hack)

But, back to what I was meant to be talking about before I got distracted… Adding shorties under the skirt for added modesty for those girls that well…aren’t so good at being modest! (namly mine!)

What you will need:

  1. Skirt pattern (free with a code in my group)
  2. Kit and Kaboodle pattern (also free with a code from my group)
  3. Scissors
  4. Pencil
  5. Tracing paper (or what ever you like to use)

1modify the k&k pattern

Trace out the shorties pattern in the size you need.  then measure 2.5cm (1″) below the yoga waist line and draw another line, cut along this one when cutting the shorties out.


Sew the shorties  as per the tutorial and when you are up to the waistband, slip them inside the skirt and match up the CB and CF and side seams.  Attach the waistband as per the skirt tutorial.



So as you see, pretty straight forward, I cant wait to see your K&K/straight skirt mashes!!!

Image may contain: text

And while you are here make sure you read the blog post on how you can win a pattern from each of the above designers.

and one more thing, last one I promise,  the below blogs are some awesome reviews and photos of the skirt.




Tales From A Southern Mom

Phat Quarters

Living in Twinado Alley



Woohoo by Davina

Kids Clothes Week Day 3 – Every day party dress for Portia

flutter knee 2

Day 3

Pattern: The Party Dress I’m designing at the moment

Size: 18month with knee length skirt,

Fabric: quilting cotton from my stash, buttons from my stash.

flutter knee 1

So as you know, my tutorials have photos scattered through the instructions, and the only way of getting these is for me to make an item in each of the options!!! and take photos along the way.  this usually means that my children end up with multiple items when I’m designing a new pattern, its lucky I have 2 girls and I’ve already made 5 dresses from this pattern, 3 for Portia and 2 for Brylie.  Elijah even asked for one, but yeah I can’t really bring myself to make him one!!! I think he just feels left out, I must make him something tomorrow!

flutter knee 3

This dress has beautiful flutter sleeves and I managed to squeeze it out of the tiniest little piece of fabric ever.  I did have to chop 1cm off the bottom of the bodice and line the sleeves to do it, but I did it and I love the result.

flutter knee 4

My button jar came to the rescue with buttons to match, it was lucky that I had 3 of the same, as my jar is a bit of a hodgepodge of choice.  Please notice that this time I got the button holes on the right side and it looks so much nicer!!

flutter knee

kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week Day 2 – Harem Shorts


Day 2 was a bit of a fail, I sewed these in the evening hence no modeled photos.

Day 2

Pattern: Peekaboopocket pants

Size: 18m

Fabric: nursery knit and ribbing from my stash, a little piece of batik dyed woven and a transfer.

2015-10-20 20.44.24

I love this pattern, it is my staple for my kids when they are in nappies, and all so past nappies, though my husband doesn’t want me to make them for Elijah or Brylie as they are not really the style he likes on his kids.  I still make them for Portia as she can pass for a baby!!!

2015-10-20 20.44.58

I adore the round pocket and how it can be sewn in a woven fabric, it just gives that little pop of colour.

2015-10-20 20.44.46

My mum gave me a sheet of transfers years ago and this little flower one matched perfectly, it was so nice to finally use one.

2015-10-20 20.44.39

I cut the legs about 2cm above the 0-3month length to create a short length, and added a shorter wider cuff.  I cant wait for real summer weather so Portia can wear these.

kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week – Day 1 – Matching sister dresses


Day 1

Pattern: New LKC pattern (just about to go into testing)

Sizes: 18 months for Portia and a 5 width with 8 length for Brylie (she really must stop growing)

Fabric: from my stash.

So Kids clothes week has crept up on me once again, and I’m really excited to sew some summer clothing for my kids.  The girls both need some nice church dresses as well as some simple summer beach ones.  Elijah really does need some new shorts, poor boy is still wearing ones I made him over 2 years ago!!

So to start with I thought I’d share these two I made (I didn’t make them today but I finished them two days ago so I thought I’d share them anyway as they are just so gorgeous.

The pattern is the latest that I’ve been designing, its a party dress with many options (as usual)

the fabric I was given by my husband’s Aunty and amazingly I had enough to make both the girls dresses from it.


I sewed puff sleeves for the girls as our sun in New Zealand can be really hot and burns, but also because it just give such a classic look to the dress.  This photo is also my attempt to make these dresses fit the theme (I never fit the theme) the girls are blending in with the flowers!!!!

DSC05567 BEST cropped

I also did the pleated skirt, which is such a different look to a gather skirt, I really like the simplicity of it.

I just had to include some of the funny faces Portia was pulling. She is such a character.


The whole dress is fully lined (except the skirt) but I did a woopsie when I was sewing the button holes and put them on the wrong side!! ah well. it still looks lovely.

kid's clothes week

KCW – June 2015 – Day 4


Day 4

Pattern: skirt in the design process (take 2)

Size 7 for Brylie

Fabric: random pieces of wale cord in my stash and home made bias binding.

So as per usual when I join in with Kid Clothes Week, the things I make generally follow the pattern or patterns that are in development.  Well at the moment it is a wee denim skirt with multiple options, one of which you saw yesterday.  Portia’s one was a very simple hi-low with no pockets and a simple as waistband.

Brylie’s skirt is a bit more complicated.  It has a tickle pocket and a flat front!!! (i know wow, I never thought I’d get good enough to do one of those!!)


Once again I did the hidden accent hem which I love, but kept it thin as when I made Portia another one with pockets and a non hi at the front, but still a low at the back.  I did a wider accent and it was a bit tricky going around the side with the height change.

But hers still looks super cute, and was actually the one that prompted my idea for the pocket…  The skirt I up-cycled had a double layer at the top and I cut the front piece without thinking, then I was like, oh, what do I do with this flappy bit and was going to cut it off!!!! but thankfully, sense prevailed and the tickle pocket came into existence.

2015-06-24 13.37.24   

As you can see the back is nice and long with a dramatic hi in the front, accentuated by Brylie majorly lone legs!!! jealous much?


I used a wale cord that I had in my stash, it actually was all pieces when I pulled it out to cut so I had to do some creative piecing so the front and back both have seams down the middle.  But you can hardly see it, especially in the front where it is covered by the pocket.



sewing along with KCW are you?


KCW – June 2015 – Day 3

kcw day 3


So today I consciously decided to make my KCW item, I have had some denim wrap skirts sitting in my “to make into something else” pile for a heck of a long time and this new pattern (new as in its pretty much still in my head) was perfect for them.  It is a light weight denim with no stretch which makes it perfect for this simple little girls skirt.

Day 3

Pattern: skirt in the design process

Size 12m for Portia

Fabric: upcycled denim wrap skirt and home made bias binding

I love the fact that this skirt doesn’t use up very much fabric at all, out of the skirt I will get another skirt for Portia and some left over pieces for accents on other things.

KCW day 3b

Even though its winter, I think its perfect to wear with tights and long t-shirt (which incidentally is this top I’m amazed that Portia fits it still)

KCW day 3a

I love the little pop of colour that the bias binding creates on the hem, it also takes away the “I can see the hem on the high low” problem.  I made this bias binding using my FREE tutorial, and you can too, its really easy and adds a lovely little “extra” to a garment.

KCW day 3c


A little pop of colour for the waistband and the skirt was complete.  I only used 1cm elastic, which is perfect for a littlely but I’m not sure how it will hold up for a bigger child.  But hey, that’s what testing is for isn’t it.

KCW day 3d


I can’t wait to get the bigger sizes graded so that I can make one for Brylie.




Testing for Straight Stitch Designs

greenwood tank 1

So recently I’ve had the honour of testing for Kimberly of Straight Stitch Designs.

Her new tank pattern the GREENWOOD is everyday meets adventure, it is a very comfortable tank top with two back versions and a nice low wide front.

It comes in sizes 0-24 and is nested in a way that allows for grading between sizes.

I measured at a 6 chest, a 8 waist and a 10 hip so I graded accordingly.  Details instructions are given in the tutorial on how to do this.

This red tank has an added band as I didn’t have enough length , But I think it turned out real neat, and its super comfy to wear.  Its just a pity that we are coming in to Winter in New Zealand so these will be filed away until next year.  I’m planning a few merino ones though.

Another tester tank I made was using a cotton lycra from Ixat that has lace printed on it.  I love this fabric and am so glad I got to make something for ME out of it.  I make Brylie these leggings and was gutted there wasn’t enough left for a pair for me.

greenwood tank 4


 greenwood tank 3 greenwood tank 2

I really like the scoop of the neck, but would adjust the width of the tank next time as the straps sit a bit far out on my shoulders, this however is nothing to do with the pattern and all to do with my body type/shape.

So what are you waiting for, you need this tank in your life, it will be a staple in your wardrobe.


Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 7 ~ Zebra BBB


Well I’ve reach the end of the KCW season. Yay, after a slow start I caught up quickly and even made some within the theme.  Especially todays one.   I think this may be my favourite item from the week, though the horse hi-low comes in close second.

The pattern I used was my Bow Back Beauty, and I made Brylie the size 6 width with a 7 length as she’s thin and tall.

I used pink cotton Lycra from Levana and the zebras are once gain from Ixat.  These fabrics are perfect for this pattern as its a firm fitting pattern it needs to have a good stretch.

The version I made is the bow back with the hip length bodice with the double peplum.


I know its coming up to winter and so Brylie is be getting a cold back, but I just couldn’t close it in.  And anyway, Tauranga isn’t as cold as some places in New Zealand.

.  4

I’m off to make some black and white leggings to match now, I’ll edit tomorrow with some modeled photos, so be sure to check back.  Also, be sure to check back each day next week as I’ve got a blog hop happening with the BBB starting tomorrow.

Edit to include some modeled photos as well as the legging that I made  to match using lace printed cotton lycra from Ixat.




kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week ~ Day 6 ~ Bunny Leggings


Day 6 has come around and today I made Portia a pair of bunny leggings using my skinny legs pattern.  Portia still fits the size 12 months size (even though she turns 3 in 7 weeks and 1 day) and for the length I cut at mid way between the 3/4 length and full length as her inseam is 28cm.  See the chart is for a 31cm inseam so taking off those extra cms makes them fit perfectly.


Cutting and sewing time all together probably took around 30 minutes, I love how fast they are to make.  I actually needed to refill my bobbin when I got to the hem, and that took about half the time it takes to sew!!!

The fabric I used was some from Ixat (again) which I have been hoarding and not wanting to cut.  I love little leggings as they take hardly any fabric but still look awesome.



What better prop to use but a left over easter egg!  I paired the leggings with my leila’s everyday blouse, and I’m glad it was a nice day today so Portia wasn’t too cold.  This is the flutter sleeve version.



This print is just gorgeous isn’t it, and look its available here on Gina’s website right now.


Of course my easter egg is a telescope mum!! I’m a pirate! (don’t mind the bruised knuckles, she fell off a spinny thing at preschool a few days ago)



Have you been sewing along?  Want to see what else I made?  see days 1,2,3 4 & 5

kid's clothes week