FREE dribble bib pattern

Years ago when I was brave enough (or stupid enough) to enter the world of selling ready made items and attend craft markets, I used to make dribble bibs.  I worked hard to get my bibs fitting well with no gape at the neck which I find lots of dribble bibs do.

My solution was to add a little bit of elastic to the neckline to pull it in.  And it worked.

Well time as gone by now and I no longer sell, but recently a friend asked for my dribble bib pattern and so I’ve digitalised it for all of you and you can download it for FREE.

There is no tutorial to go with this pattern, but it’s pretty simple.

1 ~ cut one main one lining

2 ~ with right sides together sew around the edge leaving a gap to turn out.

3 ~ Before turning out, sew the elastic to the area specified by the pattern piece.

4 ~ turn out and sew up the hole, you can either hand stitch it or top stitch all the way around (NOT WHERE THE ELASTIC IS THOUGH.

5 ~ Attach snaps, I have created the triangle shape for the snaps on one corner to enable the bib to fit from around 3m up to 4+

I would love to see some photos of your finished Tri-ibble bibs, please post them in my facebook group

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