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Elijah has been begging for a t-shirt with wings, he even drew me a picture of what he wanted. so when I go this lovely scale fabric from For Fabrics Sake I knew what it needed to be used for.

Get the pattern pieces HERE for free

Now because I’m so busy drafting and testing a various number of patterns, (you have no idea how many WIPs I have on the go – its embarrassing) I thought I would do a quick tutorial here on the blog so that you can get your hands on the pattern pieces way quicker than if I developed it into a fully formatted tutorial.

The pattern pieces have been drafted for the OTT, but it will also work with the collage collective or actually, any of my t-shirt patterns. If the length of the t-shrit or sleeve is different then just use the wing piece that fits best (you need to leave room at the bottom and the end of the sleeve so you can hem.)

1 ~ Sew your t-shirt following the instructions up until you reach the side seams. DO NOT SEW THE SIDE SEAMS.

2 ~ Prepare the wings

For the dragon wings I used 1 layer of cotton lycra per wing and didnt hem them. If you would like a cleaner/finished look then cut 2 pieces per wing. With right sides together sew along the jaggedy wing edge. Turn the wing out the right way, press and baste the two straight edges.

For the butterfly wings cut 2 pieces per wing. Place the wing inserts on the right side of 2 of the wings and stitch with an applique stitch or narrow short zig zag. You can use iron on interfacing to help hold them in place. Then take the other 2 wing pieces and place on top of the wing inserts with right sides together, sew along the wing edge. Turn the wing out the right way, press and baste the two straight edges.

3 ~ Attach the wings

With right sides together baste the PINK edge edge to the side seam of the front bodice piece. Baste the BLUE edge to the sleeve. The point matches to the under arm point. Bring the back bodice over so that the right sides of the front and back are together and the wing is sandwiched between. Sew.

4 ~ NOTE: there should be roughly 3-4cm hem at the bottom and 2-3 at the end of the sleeve so that you can hem without folding overtop of the wing.

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