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2 new releases today

The Azure tee and dress

The perfect pattern for all year round.  You can sew a winter dress, or a summer tee.  Add a band or a hood for a different look.

On sale until monday 4th June 11:59pm with the code AZURE2018


The Puzzle Pullover

A new and exciting pullover is now available for your little one.
This is a raglan style sweatshirt with a unique puzzling front.  Choose from 2 options of puzzle – and get them to help you arrange the fabrics.
This is also on sale using the code PUZZLING for 20% off until monday 4th June 11:59pm


Thank you to all my wonderful testers for both these patterns.   I wouldn’t have been able to bring such awesome patterns to you without them.

5K giveaway winner

Congratulations to Sh As who is the winner of my 5K giveaway, what a lucky lady winning a pattern of her choice from each of the following designers.


I will pass your email on to the designers and they will contact you.

1 3 5 7 9 elliedactyl pickletoes striped swallow thread faction twig and tale sew by pattern pieces


Burito Roll for the Tulip Trio

During recent testing of the Tulip Trio one of my amazing testers (Rebekah from RebekahSews) pointed out that we could do a burito type roll with the yokes.  The ones she made her girls were super gorgeous and so I decided to try it out aswell.  Well to my amazement it was actually quite easy, and makes for a superb finish on the inside, with no seams exposed (apart from the sleeves).

This technique can be applied to the front AND back yokes – you can do 1 or both, but if you do the back, you will need to cut an extra back yoke piece.

So lets get on with the HOW

If you are using this technique on the back yoke aswell, then you need to start right at #1

back yoke

Lay your pieces like the tutorial, but take the second back yoke and lay it RST with the other piece so the shoulder pieces are sandwiched between, still sew only along the shoulder seams.

Then follow the tutorial until you reach #4 ~ Adding the lower body.  Now follow the photos and instructions below.


First you pin and only pin the lower front piece to the MAIN (as in not the lining) FRONT YOKE, then flip the neck/back up so that the right side of the whole thing is facing up.


Now roll, as tight as you can the BACK/NECK piece, leaving the FRONT YOKE (both main and lining) facing up.20170331_211223

Now roll up the lower front until you are about 4cm from where the yoke joins to it.


Then pick up that little roll of lower front and place it on top of the roll of back/neck.  Now the clips where the lower piece is joined to the yoke is exposed again.  See that front yoke up above it all?  Fold that down so the edge lines up with the edge that is clipped.  and Clip all three layers together.


See like this!!


Now sew it along where the clips are and turn out the right way.


This is what you should have now….Repeat for the back yoke and lower back.

Kids Clothes Week Day 4 – Shorts for Elijah

So Elijah always seems to get left out when I’m making clothes, I’m not sure why, maybe because the girls clothes are cuter and I can make them matching.  But anyway, today I decided to make him some shorts as hes still wearing size 3 from a couple of years ago.

Day 4

Pattern: The shorts from the Sleepy Kiwis nightwear

Size: 4 for my skinny boy with a little added length

Fabric: from my stash

2015-10-24 08.04.33

I added some big pockets because every boy needs pockets.

2015-10-24 08.04.59

My serious little boy!

2015-10-24 08.05.06

This is what I get when I ask for a smile!!!!

2015-10-24 08.04.26

And he had to do a funny face.

2015-10-24 08.06.22

And when I asked him to pull them up a little, he wears his pants right down on his hips.

2015-10-24 08.05.15

kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week Day 3 – Every day party dress for Portia

flutter knee 2

Day 3

Pattern: The Party Dress I’m designing at the moment

Size: 18month with knee length skirt,

Fabric: quilting cotton from my stash, buttons from my stash.

flutter knee 1

So as you know, my tutorials have photos scattered through the instructions, and the only way of getting these is for me to make an item in each of the options!!! and take photos along the way.  this usually means that my children end up with multiple items when I’m designing a new pattern, its lucky I have 2 girls and I’ve already made 5 dresses from this pattern, 3 for Portia and 2 for Brylie.  Elijah even asked for one, but yeah I can’t really bring myself to make him one!!! I think he just feels left out, I must make him something tomorrow!

flutter knee 3

This dress has beautiful flutter sleeves and I managed to squeeze it out of the tiniest little piece of fabric ever.  I did have to chop 1cm off the bottom of the bodice and line the sleeves to do it, but I did it and I love the result.

flutter knee 4

My button jar came to the rescue with buttons to match, it was lucky that I had 3 of the same, as my jar is a bit of a hodgepodge of choice.  Please notice that this time I got the button holes on the right side and it looks so much nicer!!

flutter knee

kid's clothes week

Kids Clothes Week – Day 1 – Matching sister dresses


Day 1

Pattern: New LKC pattern (just about to go into testing)

Sizes: 18 months for Portia and a 5 width with 8 length for Brylie (she really must stop growing)

Fabric: from my stash.

So Kids clothes week has crept up on me once again, and I’m really excited to sew some summer clothing for my kids.  The girls both need some nice church dresses as well as some simple summer beach ones.  Elijah really does need some new shorts, poor boy is still wearing ones I made him over 2 years ago!!

So to start with I thought I’d share these two I made (I didn’t make them today but I finished them two days ago so I thought I’d share them anyway as they are just so gorgeous.

The pattern is the latest that I’ve been designing, its a party dress with many options (as usual)

the fabric I was given by my husband’s Aunty and amazingly I had enough to make both the girls dresses from it.


I sewed puff sleeves for the girls as our sun in New Zealand can be really hot and burns, but also because it just give such a classic look to the dress.  This photo is also my attempt to make these dresses fit the theme (I never fit the theme) the girls are blending in with the flowers!!!!

DSC05567 BEST cropped

I also did the pleated skirt, which is such a different look to a gather skirt, I really like the simplicity of it.

I just had to include some of the funny faces Portia was pulling. She is such a character.


The whole dress is fully lined (except the skirt) but I did a woopsie when I was sewing the button holes and put them on the wrong side!! ah well. it still looks lovely.

kid's clothes week

Bow Back Beauty winner

Thank you all for joining in on this great blog hop, I hope that you’ve now got some ideas of how wonderful this pattern is and that you will have been inspired to create your own BBB.


The winner of the Pattern is Elena Wilson, congratulations Elena, you have won either a pattern of your choice or the BBB if you do not have it.


xo Lydia

BBB Blog Hop ~ Day 7

blog image BBB blog hop


Welcome to the 7th and final day of the blog hop.  And remember that today is the last day to enter the giveaway so make sure to do that. You can see the giveaway link on most of the partiticpants blog posts, or you can enter here at the bottom of the post.

Today we get to hear from Dorothea from Bonnie and Lottie, Alison from Kiwi Crafty Chemist and Rebekah of RebekahSews.

First up is Dorothea, I really like the different way that she has mixed up the skirt.  Every one likes MLP!

Read her post here


Next we get to check out Alison, you can tell she in the same hemisphere as me by the fact that her top has long sleeves as well as the bow over layed over the plain back.I love the pink print. so cute.

Read her post here


And finally to close off the tour is Rebekah, she made 2 versions of the BBB, one which is mashed with another of my patterns, but you are going to have to read her post to find out which one it was.

RTC_9066 RTC_9285