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FREE wings add on pack

Elijah has been begging for a t-shirt with wings, he even drew me a picture of what he wanted. so when I go this lovely scale fabric from For Fabrics Sake I knew what it needed to be used for. Get the pattern pieces HERE for free Now because I’m so busy drafting and testing a various number of patterns, (you have no idea how many WIPs I have on the go – its embarrassing) I thought I would do […]


FREE dribble bib pattern

Years ago when I was brave enough (or stupid enough) to enter the world of selling ready made items and attend craft markets, I used to make dribble bibs.  I worked hard to get my bibs fitting well with no gape at the neck which I find lots of dribble bibs do. My solution was to add a little bit of elastic to the neckline to pull it in.  And it worked. Well time as gone by now and I […]


Straight Skirt and Kit and Kaboodle Mash

Wow, the sucess of the straight skirt has blown my mind. I’m loving that you are all loving the free pattern.  Remember to keep posting photos of the ones that you have made up because I LOVE seeing what you all sew, and the gorgeous fabrics you use ( I secretly drool over these as in NZ it is very hard to get nice knits). The person who sews the most skirts wins a pattern of their choice. Here are […]


How to sew a plastic bag holder.

We have an engagement party tomorrow night and being tight on $$ I made the gift.  I decided on something useful, (I know, boring) but really, it is useful, I use mine all the time. I made an oven mitt, using my pattern that you can purchase here, as well as a plastic bag holder.  I haven’t written up a pattern for this because I’ve been meaning to write up a tutorial on the blog for over a year now. […]


A gift to you all.

FREE PATTERN ALERT Ive decided to offer my very cute little batwing top as a FREE gift to all of you. Enjoy and if you download it and make it I would love to see a photo of it. You can post it here. Please do not share the pattern itself, instead point people towards my craftsy store where they can download it themselves for FREE.


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